“It’s not all about me.”

“It is not all about you!”

     Oh, how I have heard this a couple of times lately.  Especially from all of my sisters, who love me, quoted this to me. Not just once, but many times over. So, what do I do? I get into a deep discussion about it. Thankfully, I can certainly take constructive criticism. And in that, I may joke at the moment, but then it really sinks in. If I feel I don’t completely understand it, I certainly ask. And that is exactly what I did. I always USED to refer to myself as the MOST unselfish person you would ever meet. Well, I would always start by saying, I got the trait from my daddy, who would literally give the shirt off his back to someone in need. Or my mother who had literally given a coat off of her shoulders to a cold lady who needed it, for keeps. But, recently I questioned it all. Not my parents, but myself and why my sisters would continually say “Cyndy, it is not all about you.”

     I want to be completely transparent here.  Mostly, because you may find yourself in this position one day. When the doctors and hospitals have given you all they can do. When God is telling you, follow HIS lead and HE will carry you through. It is only human to get tired, weak and weary. When you feel like you have fought battle after battle and the love of your life deserves so much more. You have concretely made the decision to refuse letting doctor bills continue to pile up and pile up … You feel that you’re finding peace with God. You want to live the rest of the life you are given, just without making the doctors richer and your family poorer. HOLD ON! Because God gave me three sisters to put me in check.  “It is not always about you, Cyndy.” Oh, how thankful I am. Oh, how I love them for loving me enough to say … http://www.muchlovemar.com

This morning I opened my phone to a slew of notifications from last evening and early morning.  One of which is from my smallest sister, who had found the true answer to our previous conversation of “it is not all about you, Cyndy.”  and this is what it read… Found on Instagram by louiegiglio and quoted from a coffee cup by Pastor Rick Warren. ALL credit given, where credit is due.

“It’s not about you.”

louiegiglio //it’s all about Jesus//  “It’s counter intuitive to the flesh, but the most freeing news of all is that you were made for so much more than you.  You were created to know Jesus and to reflect His glory.  We find our highest meaning when we find our meaning in Jesus.”

I like this, commented a funny and then, my heart dropped! As I read my sisters response:  woodyfarmswife @txosu_mom98 “THIS! THIS! It sums up everything we talked about the other day, but much more elegantly stated! I love you, sister!”

WoW! WoW! WoW!  This is it y’all. My sister doesn’t stop until the TRUTH sets us free.  And this morning, I realized the real and true meaning of “it really is not about me.” Indeed, I am not a selfish person. Truly, indeed I do give what I have to others. But, most importantly, I had to reset my focus and my challenges.  I have a loving husband, a daughter, a soon to be son-in-law, mom, dad, brother, niece, three sisters, two dogs, a multitude of family and friends. Ultimately, I have Jesus, and I need to focus on His glory and none of my own. These health battles are far less than what some face. I just feel like I have been beaten, battered and bruised from all the diseases.

So, when I say I “get” to restart each morning and day with a grateful heart. I really, literally do. Thank you to all who have listened and encourage me to keep on, when the battle is just not over yet. For I am not fighting battles for me, but for the Glory of Jesus Christ.

Make it a great day. It is Saturday and Daylight Savings time night. Fall back. Not only one hour but fall back into the arms of Jesus Christ. He never leaves us and HE will never forsake us. AND THE SUN IS SHINING IN TEXAS! whoop! whoop!

Who are you fighting your battles for?

Thanks to my sisters three. Check out one of my sisters at http://www.muchlovemar.com


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