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      The last post was from August 22nd 2018.  To date, Wednesday October 31st proves God is continually with us.  With this brain of mine, I need to move present to past and all over the page through this blog post; so please bare with me. If you know me at all, you know my heart is right even though the brain up stairs stays a bit confused. September and October brought us great joy and some heart wrenching pitfalls… but we are mentally, spiritually, physically, healthy and possibly even wore wisely but most of all … THANKFULLY, and GREATLY BLESSED!

      We are happy happy to share that our Maci will be getting married May 16, 2020 after she graduates and enters Law School. So, she is currently engaged to Trevor Raydell Stover.  Trevor proposed to my little angel in the Stockyards of Texas with his family on October 20th. He is certainly the gentleman her dad and I prayed for her to find. From the mouth of our saint, Popa said “I could not have hand picked a better man myself for you Maci.” We knew TR was a prize upon the first meeting him and his family. He has a precious humble family that has taken Maci right in and shown her the love of a big family. Something Maci never had the opportunity of feeling and sharing growing up.  He certainly did the right thing by secretly asking daddy Eric if he could have our blessing on marrying our daughter while we were on our anniversary trip in Branson, MO.  Boy did the tears of joy flow from Eric and I. It seems as if we must realize and recognize our twenty year old is no baby anymore. She will always be our baby, but we must let her spread her wings and continually grow in Christ and start her new journey, with faith that we just did the best we knew how through her training years.  Lord knows, I made plenty of mistakes, but praying God’s grace and forgiveness we will carry on loving while we are just passing through. He only gave her us to borrow. We are so greatly blessed yet again because God has again and again greatly blessed Maci and in turn we are thankful because e are blessed beyond imaginable every moment.  Maci got news shortly before that trip, that she would be able to graduate and complete her double major plan at Oklahoma State University earlier than anticipated when enrolling. Hard work and perseverance has definitely paid off for her.  Again … yet again …





Before Eric surprised me with the trip to Branson in celebrating another anniversary, I received good health reports. Better than the first of reporting and planning stages of our Anniversary.  We were blessed to celebrate my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary in June of this year and I had no idea I would live to celebrate another of my own. He originally asked me if I thought I would be able and up for another cruise to celebrate this milestone anniversary.  Man, I love this sweet husband of mine. Great faith. Purest of hearts and just all around precious!  Yet, with such a heavy heart and regret,  I had to decline with fear of being too far away from family and doctors. Fear got in the way of where my faith should have been. I actually was just too scared to go that far away under the current circumstances with my health. Knowing that God was still at work from the paths to and from Nevada, which helped me more than any humanly way to express tremendously and with God’s grace again and again, being great-full still left me with some fear. (stupid devil)  However, through it all, Eric planned another great memorable and best getaway to date. And I have to say, if we had not have been n the states, TR would not have been able to leave us with a remarkable visit with our baby girl. I do have to add, Eric was in a desperate need in a time of rest and relaxation, more so than I … under all circumstances.  This man that God gave me, is like that old energizer bunny we used to see on the television when it comes to our family.  He works and provides more than any human I have ever met.  Eric always steps up when everyone else steps down. Hence, maybe that is why he has never been able to give me a job description. 🙂 I love you most joneric…

Moving on … The Tuesday before we were to leave on a Wednesday we got some of my cancer counts and pathology reports back. All but one were normal and acceptable.  Again, God is good and yet again we are more greatly blessed and highly favored even more.  The cancer antigens 125, 15-3, CEA, and glucose 6-PD quadrant were lowered into normal range. Holy Moly. What a ride. Unimaginable. Thanks to numerous family members, friends, doctors and all who prayed and gave suggestions and advised not to do the western most popular. My nagalase and senagalase and the cancer antigen 19-9 need some improvement and some lowered.  However, I am alive and alive and willing; breathing and God is still in control of unseen unimaginable.

Upon returning home from Branson, and for me seemed after a million traveled miles the last few months, Eric and I would get to rest and relax together in our home for a few days before he will return to work again. And before resuming treatments again and finishing that yukky chemo pill.  THANKFULLY!

A mere few days passed and being “home alone” seemed now harder than ever. My sister Marla from California (who HATES to be referred to as the one from Cali like that) arrived at the airport and some more hallelujahs were sounding from Eric and I.  Help atlas! Lol! Oh the joys of having three sisters in Christ never fail!  She got to stay nine whole days with me. Hip Hip Hooray. She might not have been so happy and excited that she was stuck in rainy Texas as I was of being confined. (And here I must add that I am eternally grateful to one of my most fav and extremely grateful for one of my brother in laws in Christ, Big Daddy Pop Dave and her family that she left behind in Cali so she could help and be with me.) We had a visit with Tonya our “T” on Sunday.   As Mar had to return to Cali, tired and wore out of me … and in the torrential rains in Texas on Wednesday, I got word that my sister from Toronto was coming to visit in just a couple days on Friday. WoW! WoW! WoW! God is ALWAYS on time EVERY time!!  How could one person be so incredibly blessed and much undeserving. How could I be so blessed? God is so good to me!  My mom came and took me Friday morning before my sisters arrival to a doctors appointment. Did I mention before John and Dorothy (my DD) was to arrive?  And of course it could not be just a check up or a minor in and out and go visit… It had to be a three and half hour ordeal. I left crying and of course being an overbearing pita and uhhhh onary youngest sister; I had to buck the system and take a huge leap of faith and let fear go … I was not under any circumstances letting them hospitalize me when my sisters travel across the whole united states to see me. They were not coming to visit me in the hospital.  I knew they were coming from my closest sisters home (Emily and Jon in Edmond, OK) to my house and me not being home was absolutely not an option in my book of plans. I did get to talk with my sister who hates small talk TWO times in ONE day; Emily.   My poor mother.  My poor daddy.  My poor family.  My family ya’ll!  They are the best.  And as if you haven’t figured it out yet, I serve a risen savior and am part of the most wonderful family on earth. And btw, we had an awesome visit. And and and another blessing … I got word on Saturday night before they left, that after there leaving on Sunday morning I was gonna be taken to see my precious little angel in a small Oklahoma town.  We were going to go meet Maci for lunch. Holy Moly!  The blessings just kept pouring out and coming on. Knowing that my body is so far from 100% but my spirit and mind was focusing on the blessings that only God could provide… Eric greatly drove me to see little Maci. After blessing after blessing with my sisters. So many people look at me funny when I, Eric or my family speak of my sisters. No, I can’t make it up.  Most of you think I am the only child who was raised with Butch for 43 years … I pretended to be an only child for many many years and just growing up with Butch. Some time ago, I was blessed BIG with three precious sisters and their families. We all four partook of a Bible Study group with Melissa P. Radke called “This Sucks … But God is Good!” and OH HOW TRUE HER statement is.  When you feel like the season of life you are going through is a desperate valley; look up. Just look up. That is where it all is. God is up to something. God is always ALWAYS near and dear. He never leaves us nor forsakes us! It is us! The problem is us!  We are the ones who change!  The son of God is waiting. Go home! Come home! At every mention of the word blessing in the last 1620 words … God gets the glory.  So …

The past two days we have got to briefly visit with Bro. Chuck and Mrs. Jo Harding. They are Awake America that some of you have heard me mention before. Tonight they will be in Oklahoma City at The Higher Plain Baptist Church.  They are doing great and amazing things every day and every Capital Connection they do. Oh how Eric and I love to listen and learn from them. They are an AMAZING couple that my parents have so graciously been blessed to call friends.  They make a life serving Jesus and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ on Capital Hill. If you haven’t heard of them;  I urge you and encourage you to seek them out.  If you want to know how the Holy Bible, God’s Holy Word connects directly with our history, present and future in government, he can prove it and it is amazing to know that we know there are people who care enough and follow the calling on their life to share love, truth and hope to our government daily.

SO, today I am choosing to slow the roll.  We do not normally “celebrate” halloween as it is just not our cup of tea. I feel its too dark. My mind, body and spirit s tired, weak and lowly tired.  I’m so very greatly blessed and grateful to still be alive.

In just some few short days (hopefully and God willing) my smallest sister and her family will be back and we will be celebrating our first “sister-sister TexiCali family Thanksgiving.”  I am excited. As I love starting new traditions.  We get to host and my family and some of her family are joining this year as we start our new early family Thanksgiving tradition. All are welcome and invited. You most know that the old whit house on the corner always has warmth, water and love just as John 3:16 to the little newspaper boy in the song written long ago.

Memories! That’s what we make. Each moment and every time we get a chance. My energy level is not like it used to be in being the “hostess with the mostess” but even if it is just cheese and crackers we will be together and when I am gone, I know she and others will honor my hopes, wishes and dreams.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I know it is long and windy. And raining outside.

Check out one of my sisters blog at MuchLoveMar    or at WordPress at muchlovemar.

Remember:  If God is in it … You’re sure to win it! HE is always on time every time.  Keep the faith. Thank God for everything. Even IF you’re tired. Even IF the struggle is real.

FOR without HIM – we are nothing.  And with HIM, Jesus Christ – NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE!

New photos are in the gallery. They include our trips from Cali, Nevada, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri.

ENJOY!     Life IS worth LIVING … Just ask me 🙂

Make the best great and the great will be best! Peace and Blessings to you and yours in whatever season you are currently in. Don’t forget to look around … there is always someone who has it worse than you! (and me)


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