Sometimes…we are just not blessed ordinary!

Don’t get me wrong here. We are blessed. If you know any thing about me…you know I am a living breathing walking testimony of Christ still in the miracle business. I have the absolute most valuable husband in the world. Then, I also was blessed with a prize child! She is so smart, witty and super bossy and witty. I love her to death…however… I am almost 99.99999% certain she probably would like to choke me. We have had so much going on since February. Yikes…since then I have seen all three of my sisters, survived many many trips to Cali and currently teach myself to make a junk journal! ADD/ADHD?? What’s that? Look at the shiny thing over there…🙄 I have strict ordered to be packed and ready to leave the house by Thursday. I am leaving on a jet plane Saturday evening… that tells ya something right there🙄 Good days, bad days and days I just literally make it. We are praying that since most doors to conventional/western medicine has been closed in helping me; I now have two options. ⭐️Follow God’s lead no matter what. 2. Go to Panama and have stem cell. 3. Refer to plan ⭐️ and allow An expert in medicine and treatments therapies mixed with some homeopathic cocktails…it just may get the root of all evils out of me. With this there is no guarantee. Only God knows this. So…prayer warriors … WILL YOU PLEASE be in prayer for Eric, Maci and my family while I will be gone for four straight weeks taking 4 days if each week seeking treatment.


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