It is NOT just another day!

Are you weak? Are you heavy hearted? It is so easy to just sing the song “Take it to Jesus” cause HE will meet you there! Are you going through what seems like hell on earth? Is the chaos weighing you down so deep you can’t figure out what to do? What about your pain? The levels at the highest and yet your heart is broken too? Are you stuck and can’t find the real way out? Is your family members suffering and you feel helpless? Does your baby have a disease that can’t be cured and again you feel helpless? Or … does your husband treat you like a queen when you feel like the devil? Did the hurricane hit not only your home but your heart and you are fretting, angry and sad all at the same time? Are your finances freaking you out because you realized Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner? How about this… are you traveling through this world with hurt and you think it could not get worse, yet your child left you a detailed suicide note? Are you trying to do a million things because you feel led and ultimately nothing has gotten done? There are so many many different scenarios that we all go through. Friends, can I tell you whatever it is your facing, whatever your “giant” may be … we really can take it all to Jesus and leave it there. Seems so easy to say. Yet, the Bible confirms it! Jesus said it! Why can’t we just simply do it?

Post from January 18, 2018


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