Cultivate Your Passion Before Your Passion Cultivates You

2017 brought so many emotions. Being a wife is hard. Being a mom is hard. Being a daughter is hard. Being an aunt is hard. Being a sister is hard.

Becoming a faithful sister in Christ is harder. Being held responsible and accountable is hard and risky. Choosing to be each role in life is hard. However, it can be so easy when we focus on ONLY what matters and who is glorified in each task done. Only God can be glorified if we are doing all we can, with all we have, in being true to our Savior.

If we Choose our paths only seeking to glorify God and not man; successful Passion will be cultivated. Do not follow the paths others trod. Choose God and realize His grace is sufficient in every need when we do not lose focus on HIM!

Cultivate your passion before your passion cultivates you came to me. If we are whole heartedly seeking and cultivating God and His word … if we are on our knees we are way less likely to stumble. We are less likely being vulnerable to sin if we are cultivating our passion for God.


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