I hate the X … CHRISTmas!!!

For those who put X to shorten Christmas… SHAME ON YOU! For without Christ, there would be NO Christmas.

This has long been one of my worst pet peeves. As the Christmas season is in full swing all around us, please remember that Christ being born is the Reason for our season! All this hustle and bustle. All this emotional roller coasters for some. Where were you when the world stopped turning? It hasn’t. Lest we be reminded that the holidays are what we make it. What does this season mean for you? Stop, breathe and look around. What do you see? Memories? Old, new, remembering, creating, or are you stuck? Are you experiencing something on the inside that you just can’t identify with? Wishing? Waiting? Rushing? Praying? Watching? So many things that people go through when the season of holidays bring. Do you think of others? Do others think of you? The past couple of months have had me watching and waiting.

My three sisters and myself have been focusing on “Be still and know I am God.” Waiting and watching … expecting God to do great things. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Are we? When you find the closest ones that you love are far away, do you realize “God is in all things?” I have been preparing for 2018. Praying for great things in the coming year. I would encourage you to do the same as we go through this season. Read the Christmas story. Know that Jesus is the reason for the season. Know that “being still” is more than “stop, dropping and rolling.” Dig into scripture. Write an old friend that God is laying on your heart. This too shall pass… most good and perfect gifts go away, change, get old….But the main and only good and perfect gift for Christians is Jesus. The same yesterday, today and forever. Do you know Him? Would you like to know him?

Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Let God do the rest. Make this season restful and not chaotic as the last. Choose joy over the sadness. Choose Jesus over all the evil the world has to offer.

The reason I am still standing, stands in front of me. No it is not Eric. No it is not Christmas, tidings and gifts. It is the cross that Jesus born of a virgin on Christmas Day and then nailed to a cross for our sins he died and arose again on the third day.

This coming year, this blog will be used in a different and mighty way. God has not given me a spirit of fear, but a spirit of faith to keep moving forward when worldly things give me a death sentence. I am not who I used to be. This body is big and getting old and ate up with diseases…but God has a plan. Not just for me. He has a plan for you! Do you know what it is? Are you listening? Are you recognizing that small voice in your ear and your heart? Are you aware of those around you watching and taking notes? Have you figured out what you want to be when you grow up at age 70? 50? 40? Even 20? Include God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in this holiday season and new year coming upon us. Make the very best of what has been set before you. It is never too late. Because of grace, we are and can be forgiven if we ask.

I hope you will take the next steps in my new journey with me. Forgive me, if I have failed you. Forgive others and let God be God of you today, tomorrow and forever. There are some trying times ahead of us. (Not as if there haven’t been behind us.) Let’s do life together with Christ Jesus, family and friends like never before. Choose good over evil. Choose your people wisely.

I have always wanted to have that big white house that the police officer spoke of to the young homeless boy in the song John 3:16. I was fortunate enough to have that big white house given to me, but what I have done with it is merely only a smidging of what could have been, what should have been… but ahead of me will be consistently all that has not been. If you know me at all, you know I love kids. All kids. I love my family and I love my friends. But what God has shown Eric and I this past seasons, will be far more grater ahead of us than what we have behind us.

What will you make of the time given to you? I have a lyrical inner part of me that relates with music. I love listening and writing music lyrics. I love that playing the piano is something I can do to glorify God in a way that only He understands.

If you have read this far, you know that my thoughts are always all over the page. That’s ok. My heart is always in the place where God wants me to be. I am by far normal or perfect. But the lessons I have learned are far more than many and most. I will be sharing some hard stuff in my coming posts. I pray that God keeps leading me to the place of consistency and sharing and learning with others. As I end this post…I will leave the lyrics to The Crabb Family’s two songs that have absolutely moved me and stuck with me. My dream is to be able to see this family in concert before God calls me home. Be blessed. Spread joy and forgiveness this season. Choose joy, choose faith which is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. If God says it…it is certain…it is TRUTH!

Come Down to Me By The Crabb Family
I know that I’m not worthy to call upon your name
All my life I’ve been a sinner and for that I am ashamed
But I heard that you would listen to I’m giving you my plea
I’m too unworthy Lord, to come to you
Could you please come down to me?
I know that there are others who could offer more than I
I promise you I’d understand if for me you had no time
I think I’ve just hit bottom and I’m looking up to see
I’m too unworthy, Lord, to come to you
Could you please come down to me?
I guess I must be reaping from the seeds that I have sown
Lord, you owe me nothing, we haven’t spoken for so long
If you could spare some mercy I’ll pledge my life to thee
I’m too unworthy, Lord, to come to you
Could you please come down to me?

The Reason That I Am Standing

 By The Crabb Family

I’ve stood for the Gospel
When it seemed I stood alone
And through the heartaches and frustration
I kept my focus on the Throne
So many times I have recalled
The Savior’s words so true
“If you won’t be ashamed of me
Then I won’t be of you”

So I’ll proudly stand until I see
The face of the One who gave
Everything for me

When the reason that I’m standing
Stands in front of me
Every battle that I’ve fought
Will fade from memory
I’ll bow before His mighty throne
And fall down on my knees
When the reason that I’m standing
Stands in front of me

The road has not been easy
At times I lost my way
So often I have stumbles
Searching for the light of day
Circumstances all around me
I thought I’d surely fall
When the whispering of doubt fear
Told me “You will lose it all”

But He kept me with His Amazing Grace
And someday soon I’ll have the chance
To thank Him face to face

We will join the millions
Every kindred tongue and race
Every child of God that day
Will look upon His face
And the heroes and the martyrs
Who died on the Pagan sword
We’ll all stand together
And declare, “JESUS IS LORD”

When the reason that I’m standing
Stands in front of me

Thanks for taking the time. Be blessed and have a very Merry Christmas. Remember there are always others less privileged as us. Pray for them. Give unto them. Pray for them. And continue to pray for me as I fight this battle…and for Eric as the days get longer and harder. With much love


MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS from our heart and home to yours!❤️


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