There truly IS a reason and a season for every kind of a thing! Trust HIM…

As the past several days have brought many, many things to and from us… I am constantly reminded that there is a reason and a season for everything. I have learned to never question God and His authority or even His plans. But, I feel led to share some things with you here today and now. After telling several friends over the past several days, the same thing…”look for the good, God really has a reason and a season for everything. Don’t question Him and His timing… just praise Him for whatever it is you eventually realize He has for us!”

We began several weekends ago with a surprise meeting and visit from our most favorite peoples. (Blessed to call family friends.) But with that came some, somewhat at the moment seemed tragic news. After digesting and realizing the news was not as tragic and the next meeting would be. God allowed a happy much needed visit amongst some of our most precious “prizes” family. When we learn from every encounter, we realize how old we are getting. When we see things in a different light and we realize what God is really doing and working and allowing to happen right in our own hearts and minds.

I know sometimes I am all over the page, but I have to say what is on my heart at the time so I don’t forget. God has a perfect plan in all of this. So, as the weekend went on… another phone call led to another response from me…”there is a reason and a season…I know it God has a plan…just look for the good and try to find what the waiting is to be.

Ya see, God gave me a husband that He KNEW I needed. We didn’t know what all the challenges we would face as our marriage grew… We didn’t know that our only daughter would be kidnapped from her second grade school, we didn’t know that she would be diagnosed and treated multiple times for the worst of the worst, that she would suffer from brain tumors not once, twice but THREE times, we did’t know that she would not grow up to be special and smart, we didn’t know that I would suffer from multiple cancers, two eye surgeries, three strokes and better yet six brain surgeries. Who knew we would find our some tragic information about our family that happened many years ago. Who knew that the day I came home from the FIRST brain surgery , that Maci and I would have to witness at the time seemed to be the worst of the worst happen to my brother, all to find out the worst of the worst would be to watch him be on a ventilator four times and live through it. Watch a man have no compassion, mercy or remorse of drinking, texting and driving. Who knew we could survive any of this physically, much less emotionally. We didn’t know that some of our family would feel no need for us, or even take our most favorites home to be with the Lord way before we were ready. But what we DO KNOW now, is that through every single circumstance that arises… God has shown HIMSELF merciful, mighty and so worthy to be praised in every single situation and continue to teach us lessons daily.

What we do know;   is that we are asked very often, how do you do what you do? My response is just as my baby girls response was many years ago… “I don’t have much that God and my Popa can’t give me.” We are simple people. We have been humbled so many times and given many many chances to restart and live again but mostly we are given the opportunity to love like Jesus does. Are we good at it? NO! Do we try? Absolutely.  Many failures come and go, but ya see… don’t let them hold you back. Don’t dwell on the past, just pray for God to show you your future.

The storms of life and the storms in the sky come and go. They hit us all, sometimes literally and sometimes emotionally and sometimes straight up rob us from every thing, however… There is a reason and a season for every single thing. When your down and out… look for the good. Find what God is showing us in every situation. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. We can do the same. When you think nothing else can happen any worse… let me tell ya…look around. There are and is so much more than the eye can see. And to my God planned out and arranged sisters… “Oklahoma, California, Canada, TSBGIG Lufkin, Texas and many many more 🤩… thank you! Thank you ALL for being my base and being #bethebase and allowing me to fly under such circumstances! Much Love…until next time! Go check out and let her know… NOBODY “knocked” Cyndy overboard!🤪


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