Complacency and Contentment

My BRB from yesterday turned into hours and even a night… part of the effects of two eye surgeries, three strokes and six brain surgeries…or NOT! Could be OCD or maybe even ADHD? Who knows and who cares…

Do you ever feel your in a place where your content? Are we complacent? Are we truly content? Are we listening to what is being spoken to us? 

Through a series of things that have happened recently, we believe the Lord is working in our hearts and mind. In a special way. In a different way. We are truly enjoying this empty nest thing. 

Eric and I have a very unique relationship. A relationship that I am forever grateful for. We love and laugh so much! We get so excited over small things and our joy comes in itty bitty ways that make life so much MORE!!!

Yesterday began early…which we both thoroughly enjoy! We traveled to “God’s Country” aka Oklahoma, which is called by my chosen Aunt Mona. My daddy’s dream fulfilled in every centimeter of the thousands of acres there. His blood, sweat and tears and piece of his heart is there. A mighty big piece. In this small community is where my daughter found contentment and peace in the midst of a huge storm in our life. Where God showed us so many things. Where Eric sacrificed so so so much for us to be there and fulfill and carry out a few of Maci’s dreams. Where I learned that I “could” do some of the hardest things in life. Owning a newspaper, answering to many many many commands and people of many generations and characteristics. Loving the lovable and the unlovable. Where we all learned forgiveness and what God says about forgiving. Where we learned money was truly the root of all evil and people who lie, cheat and steal can call themselves christians and have no conscious all at the same time. 

We walked about 3.4 miles together and been places we never noticed and passed each day for many years. We walked and talked and visited with two of my favorite peoples. Two men that love my daddy for who he is NOT what he has. All this to say… where you are at right now in your life, are you content and or complacent? Are we living, doing, loving like Jesus does? Who are we to judge others like others judge us? Have you forgiven family members and or friends that have wronged you over and over. 

Eric and I took a trip to the local Walmarts the other night late in the evening and got to speak with a family friend for a long time. There in front of that store I was reminded that one, there are a few of us who are incredibly blessed to still have the same mother and father married that brought us into this world. Two, there are still very Godly men and women who continuously “really” pray for our family, friends and loved ones. Three, God allows divine appointments to be made. And finally, be thankful for who you have and don’t have. There is a reason and a season for every happening, every opportunity and every single breath we take. 

Yesterday, our very own Maci received some mighty good news. Something she has waited 19 years for. Something that God saw fit for her to accept and challenge her. We may not ever be able to change the past, but we CAN start today and make it a better future. God allows things to happen…again EVERY SINGLE THING HAS A PLAN AND A PURPOSE FOR HAPPENING!

This is just a bit of what was on my heart today! Make it a great day! Choose this day, TODAY whom you will serve! Don’t follow. Don’t follow what others do just to be. Create a YOU that is AMAZING! What we do today will surely make a difference in who and what we do tomorrow. Make it WORTH it! 

Peace and Blessings!


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