Tuesday … Today … Make it a GREaT day!

Good morning! Today is tuesday! I don’t care to like Monday’s. We had an AMAZING weekend. Unplanned and definitely unplugged. We surprised family a day early than expected. That was just FUN within itself. You know when family say “y’all come whenever, your always welcome?” Yes, we did! And loved every minute of it! We have two of the most amazing cousins God ever did create! They truly have hearts like ours. We celebrated Lisa’s birthday a few days and a few days early. Along with that meant…we got to play, visit and just enjoy everything about it. I have a cousin who I like to think is more like a brother to me. We aggregate each other absolutely to breaking point but always know that love is what joins us in the end. He is so smart. So funny and mostly the husband of one of my bestest friends ever! He has so many talents that I can’t even list. But mostly, God gave him to my husband not only as a cousin but as a very solid rock friend. Together as we wives say “those nerds can do anything” and literally they can do ANYTHING! You may ask what was the spectacular of this weekend? Well, it was so many things. The Lord allowed a divine appointment in us meeting a unique couple. The “windshield” time Eric and I got to have to reminisce and plan and soul search to make sure we are on the same page. Realization of what we plan is sometimes different in timing of God’s time. We met our most beautiful daughter for another “see ya next time” lunch and that is always both sad and glad. We love to see her, but we always love to see her go and spread her wings and see where and what God has for her next. Did I mention that cousin Layne made the most amazing BBQ too! WoW! We have deep roots in cooking and he got that gene! I thought I was the best until I had his brisket and sausage! Ummm…I will let him tell his secrets but he definitely got the science of making the perfect brisket! That’s enough for today…be in prayer for our family. The rock is having some problems again. God is in complete control and I KNOW all things work together for the good of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Intel then….keep on singing! I am off to work on my war room. Details will come soon!

Peace and blessings!
Community Seeds in Lone Oak


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