Complacency and Contentment

My BRB from yesterday turned into hours and even a night... part of the effects of two eye surgeries, three strokes and six brain surgeries...or NOT! Could be OCD or maybe even ADHD? Who knows and who cares... Do you ever feel your in a place where your content? Are we complacent? Are we truly … Continue reading Complacency and Contentment


Did you make today as GREAT as you are?

Two and blue... It's baby day Thursday for us. Chuck E Cheese. Enough said right? It has been an absolute amazing day. We started our Speing Break about noon yesterday. We have been diligently working and praying for some great things to happen and all is perfectly falling into place. I am overflowing with emotion … Continue reading Did you make today as GREAT as you are?

Tuesday … Today … Make it a GREaT day!

Good morning! Today is tuesday! I don't care to like Monday's. We had an AMAZING weekend. Unplanned and definitely unplugged. We surprised family a day early than expected. That was just FUN within itself. You know when family say "y'all come whenever, your always welcome?" Yes, we did! And loved every minute of it! We … Continue reading Tuesday … Today … Make it a GREaT day!