Hey Ya’ll! Good day to you! I am Cyndy. There is so much in this heart of mine. It is time to share. I love many, many things and many, many people, however my focus is on Jesus Christ. I want to love like “He does!” Like some; I have a past…thankful for all of it, some I choose to leave behind me. Again thankful, to be forgiven;  I gladly take the future and what God has to offer and HE shall be the “author and finisher.”

     I am a daughter of the King, a wife, a mom, a daughter, aunt aka MoMo, second mom to many, an author, friend and a cousin. I have had three kinds of cancer, three strokes and six brain surgeries.  However, that does not define me. I have a passion for hearts that are needy. Every spring, I redecorate our home and love every minute of it! I love coffee! I love my family and every hardship God leads us through. I fight depression on a daily, but I am and live the happiest life possible while passing through this side of glory. This world is NOT my home praise God!  I have had some of the best friends ever. However, the “bestest” friend I have, is in my husband. We have been married a long time and he is so much more than I deserve! I am forever grateful and love… loving him. His name is Eric. I have a daughter who attends Oklahoma State University with a double major degree plan. She is absolutely amazing. We will be gaining a son in May 2020 that I am forever greatful for.  I come from two most amazing parents that have loved me through so much and who have brought me up in church and taught me to love Christ first and have forgiven me over and over again! Troubles and trials sometimes come … how we respond makes the difference. Hence the name of this blog…Choose do not Follow. It is so easy to just go through life following a routine, that ultimately gets us nowhere, but somewhere that is not ultimately our most valuable happy that God has planned for us. Choose you this day whom you will serve. Choose this day to do what God specifically has for YOU. Choose happiness. Who cares what others think, say or even do. Let’s take a new path starting right now, today … journey through life … and be ALL that God wants us to be! That’s enough about me for now … stay tuned.

The best is yet to come! God bless you and yours; until we meet again.

Peace and Blessings!